Buyer Representation Agreement - Schedule “A”

List of Potential Services we provide when working with a Buyer Client

þ  Give you the most vital information on available homes

þ  Keep you aware of changes in the real estate market

þ  Arrange a tour of areas, schools and key points of interest

þ  Provide neighborhood information on municipal services, schools, churches, etc.

þ  Check applicable zoning and building restrictions

þ  Disclose all known facts about properties I show you

þ  Point out strengths and weaknesses of all properties you choose to view

þ  Collect pertinent data on values, taxes, utility costs, etc.

þ  Explain forms, contracts, and closing procedures

þ  Discuss loan qualification and processing


Because we are committed to helping you save time, we will:


þ  Provide ready access to listed properties

þ  Assist you as needed on all unlisted properties

þ  Help you select for viewing only those homes that fit your needs

þ  Show you homes only in the price range most suited to your finances

þ  Provide you a list of qualified lawyers, home inspectors, insurance brokers, mortgage brokers, moving companies and key real estate resource service providers

þ  Arrange times for necessary property inspections


Because we are committed to helping you find the best value, we will:


þ  Prepare studies of property values in chosen areas

þ  Perform a market analysis on chosen properties

þ  See that you get a complete estimate of all costs involved

þ  Offer advice on the preparation of an offer on properties

þ  Write and present your agreement of purchase and sale to the seller

þ  Negotiate on your behalf to attain the lowest possible price with the best possible terms

þ  Assist in Fulfillments of Conditions

þ  Follow up with Lawyer