Questions & Due Diligence;

MyMuskoka Real Estate Investigates on Client Buyers Behalf


Please answer the following questions for the potential purchaser of your lakefront property:


1.     How long have you owned the property? 

2.     Since ownership, what structural changes or upgrades have been made?

3.     What contractor was responsible?

4.     Do you have copies of permits necessary and were they closed?

5.     Have you investigated building a garage and would a permit be obtainable?

6.     Please describe the waterfront, depth off dock, and dock system.

7.     How old are the Roof Shingles, what type and if new, is there a warranty?

8.     Has there been a roof leak? When? How was it resolved?

9.     What type and how old is the Septic System? Is it gravity fed or pumped up?

10.  How is the septic maintained and is there a Use Permit and Sketch available?

11.  Have their been any septic issues, upgrades or inspections?

12.  Is the water potable? What type of water filtration or treatment system is in place?

13.  Is the propane Generator in good order and what does it service?

14.  Have you experienced flooding at the property? When? What was the result?

15.  What repairs have been made over the years?

16.  What annual maintenance is required?

17.  What is the cost of annual maintenance if on a private road?

18.  Are there any neighbouring residents who live there year round?

19.  Is the enclosed Muskoka Room Insulated?

20.  What are the annual and/or seasonal costs associated with operating this property – propane tanks, hydro, snow ploughing, Internet?

21.  Are there any contracts on the property for maintenance and if so, what are the costs?

22.  What companies provide internet services in this area?

23.  What day is garbage pick up? Any further details?

24.  Where is mail delivered? What is proper mailing address?

25.  Are there service or trades people who currently attend to the cottage? cleaners?

26.  Describe the make-up of the owners of abutting properties – seasonal, size of family, age of children?

27.  What amenities are on the lake? Where is the nearest boat launch?

28.  What do you love most about the property?

29.  What do you like the least?