Private Office: Operating in Muskoka Ontario

March 2021

Conquering the Muskoka Real Estate Storm

Posted on Mar 20, 2021

Muskoka Residential Real Estate Market Snapshot March 2021
We are a few months into the year and none of us could have predicted this kind of residential market activity here in Muskoka!  This goes for both Waterfront Cottage Property and Residential Off-Water Property. In a nutshell, it is frustrating for many Buyers, while on the on the other sid...

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4 Reasons Rural is the New Suburb for Many Families

Posted on Mar 09, 2021

image of family in Muskoka

Why More Families Are Choosing Rural Towns in Muskoka to Live, Work and Play

For years people chose to live a rural life or an urban life because of their unique lifestyle and work opportunities. This past year, however, many perspectives about rural living have changed. We have learned to work, shop and entertain ourselves virtually, making our geo...

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